Electronic Bill Payment Authorization

I AUTHORIZE this financial institution to post payment transactions generated by computer device from the Geddes Federal Savings Internet Bill Pay Service to the account indicated on the form being sent electronically. I understand that I am in full control of the bill pay account listed and that I have sole responsibility for the operation of this service. If at any time I decide to discontinue the Bill Pay Service, I must notify this financial institution in writing at: Geddes Federal Savings and Loan, Internet Bill Pay, 2208 West Genesee St., Syracuse, NY 13219. My use of Geddes Federal Savings Internet Bill Pay signifies that I have read, understood and accepted all terms and conditions of this Bill Paying Service.

I UNDERSTAND that payments may take up to 10 business days to reach the vendor and that they will be sent either electronically or by check. Geddes Federal Savings is not liable for any service fees or late charges levied against me. I also understand that I am responsible for any loss or penalty that I may incur due to lack of sufficient funds or other conditions that may prevent the withdrawal of funds from my account.

Geddes Federal Savings is offering the Internet Bill Pay Service at no charge to all customers. The following fees and conditions will apply thereafter as listed below:

Geddes Federal Savings Internet Bill Pay Fee Schedule
Monthly Service Fee:None.
Bill Pay Return Item:$25.00 per item
Bill Pay Photocopy:$10.00 per item

Bill Payment Service Fees are automatically charged to your account by the 6th of each month for prior month activity.

Additional Service Fee:
Non-sufficient Funds (NSF):$25.00 per item

In the event of a Bill Payment Return you will be charged a $25.00 Non-sufficient Funds (NSF) fee at the time of occurrence. Additionally, a Bill Pay Return Item fee of $25.00 will be charged to your account by the 6th day of the month following. Please note if you do incur a Bill Pay Return, your Bill Pay Service could be blocked from further activity for up to five (5) days.

GEDDES FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this agreement at any time, including the services offered and the fees charged. We will provide notification to you of any changes as required under applicable law by mail, e-mail or posted notice in our lobby. Upon the effective date of change, you will be obligated to follow the amended terms and conditions of the Geddes Federal Savings Internet Bill Pay Service.